Dragonfire Blue Fire Hot Wound Single Coil Pickups ~ AlNiCo 5 Smoking Hot 9K Strat Performance, Dynamic Heat & High Clarity, Stellar Articulation & Delivery, Choice of SSS Strat Set or Individual Pickup, Choice of Cover Color
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Dragonfire Blue Fire Single Coil AlNiCo Pickup
Hot Blue Winding & Smoking 9K Strat Performance
Choice of SSS Set or Individual Pickup Style
Choice of Pickup Cover Color Style

Dragonfire Blue Fire Strat pickups offer the opportunity to get the hot tone and power capability you’ve been looking for to amp up your playing. Overwound with uniquely charismatic blue wire for some of the hottest single coil performance out there, these enhanced pickups are sure to impress. Carefully crafted to showcase imposing AlNiCo heat, these pickups are designed for a wide range of genres and feature big, in-your-face play without mud to slow you down. For great clarity, nice mid-range, and beautiful low-end wrapped up in a hot, Alnico presentation, Blue Fires are recommended when you need to push the envelope and experience distinct quality of execution in the most demanding of styles.

The AlNiCo 5 magnets in these pickups are highly competent and provide a warm, well-rounded and dynamic outcome while still allowing for plenty of attack and coherence. Beveled vintage slug polepieces with a gentle edge slope add visual depth and subtle detail. Staggered poles allow for balanced output as well as maximum string response and set-up options.

These are dedicated position pickups for performance enhancement and differentiation. Each pickup is wound specifically for a position and the Middle position pickup is Reverse-Wound and Reverse-Polarity (RWRP) to ensure the best possible set execution and collaboration. RWRP gives you hum-cancelling in Positions 2 & 4 with standard switch wiring. These pickups are not position interchangeable.

~~Product Highlights~~
*Dragonfire Blue Fire Single Coil AlNiCo Pickup
*Hot Blue Winding & Smoking 9K Strat Performance
*6 String Passive Strat Single Coil Replacement
*Blue Coil Wired for Beauty & Brawn
*Beveled Top Slug Staggered Poles
*Featuring AlNiCo 5 Magnet Style & Hot Winding
*2 Conductor Wiring (2 Wire Pickup Design)
*Cloth Wrapped Stranded Style Lead Wire Type
*Position Dedicated Performance Differentiation
*Wax Potted for Squeal Reduction, Avoidance or Elimination
*Upgraded Fiber Baseplate
*Standard Style Short Mounting Legs
*Pickup Mounting Screws & Springs Included
*500K Pots & 0.022 or 0.047 Tone Caps Recommended

~~Approximate Measurements~~
*Output: Wound to ~9K
*52mm Standard String Spacing
*Pickup Length: 69mm (82mm including mounting flanges)
*Pickup Width: 18mm
*Pickup Depth: 18mm
*Mounting Screw Spacing: 76mm

~~Installation Information~~
These 2-wire pickups come with a colored hot and a black ground wire for easy installation (colors may vary from sample images provided). Due to the vast and varied nature of possible components and set-up styles, we do not provide specific information or diagrams for installation. You should be able to use basic information and general knowledge to successfully complete installation with your choice of diagram or instructions.

If you’d like to update your wiring, switching, controls or functionality to upgrade your system, check out our custom Wiring Harnesses.

Installation requires soldering and compatible system. We provide enough pickup lead wire to complete installation wiring in standard usage situations.

~~Purchase Notes~~
Please ask any questions prior to purchase.

Buyers assume all risk of use; sales are only offered to those competent to safely and lawfully purchase and use items. Allow and expect variation in color due to photo and monitor settings, perception, lighting, as well as natural product variance. Color descriptions indicate color of item, not material. Ask any questions regarding options, measurements, installation requirements, special requests, or anything else prior to purchase.

Detailed instructions for installation are not included. You should be able to use basic knowledge of wiring with the diagram or instructions of your choice. Take your time for installation; do not use power tools and do not over-tighten or apply too much pressure on components.

Inspect your order upon receipt. We will address any issues prior to installation. If everything is in order, install carefully to enjoy.

  • Style: Dragonfire Pickups ~ 6 String Standard Replacement & Upgrade Strat Guitar Pickups
  • Pickup Style: Blue Fire Strat Single Coil Pickups by Dragonfire ~ AlNiCo V Hot Wound Smoking 9K Strat Performance
  • Color: Choice of 52mm Standard Strat Cover Colors
  • Fit: 6 String Guitar Replacement Strat Pickups ~ 52mm Standard Strat String Spacing
  • Featuring: 2 Conductor Wiring (2 Wire Pickup Design) w/ Colored Hot & Black Ground Wire for Easy Installation
  • Type: With Southern Roots & Composition, Blue Fires Ratchet Up the Heat Among Single Coils for Dynamic Heat & High Clarity, Stellar Articulation & Delivery Plus Amped Results
  • Attribute: Classic Beveled Top Slug Style Staggered Polepieces for Maximum String Response
  • Item #: 40125

Blue Fire Hot Wound AlNiCo 5 Single Coil Pickups

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