Push-Push Control Pot, Dime Size/Small, Mini Pot, Long Shaft, DPDT Pot, Split Shaft Style Pot, Choice of 25K, 250K or 500K ohm Style Options, Audio “A” Pot or Linear “B” Pot Style Options, Double Pull Double Throw
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Push-Push Control Pot, Dime Size/Small
Mini Pot, Long Shaft, DPDT Pot
Split Shaft Style Pot for Guitar or Bass
Choice of 25K, 250K or 500K ohm Style Options
Choice of Audio “A” Pot or Linear “B” Pot Style Options

~~Product Information~~
This is a small, long-shaft, body mount, PUSH-PUSH DPDT control pot. To engage, a simple push is all that’s required - no more trying to get your finger under the knob! For an easy modification or upgrade that produces noticeable results, this push push control pot will provide most players with a more precise response to manipulation. Many prefer the push-push style of control instead of a push-pull style as the push-push tends to be a quicker and more seamless transition for most people These will work with most coarse knurled, 18-spline style knobs.

Your choice of OHM style: 25K, 250K or 500K. Higher pot 500K values typically lend a brightness to your sound while the 250K lower value pots typically result in a bit more playing warmth. Many players prefer pairing humbuckers with 500K pots and single coils pickups with 250K pots. You might switch it up depending on your style and what you are looking for in terms of performance. 25K pots are used with active pickups.

Your choice of pot style ~ Audio (aka “A” pot or “Aud” pot) or Linear Taper (aka “B” pot or “Lin” pot). Some players believe audio pots provide a smoother volume roll, while others like the linear pots better for tone transitioning. It’s a personal playing preference as performance will vary based on many factors, including style, equipment and skill.

Be sure to check your requirements in relation to the measurements provided for this item. Ask any fit or compatibility questions prior to purchase.

~~Product Highlights~~
*Small Pot (aka Dime Size or Mini Pot)
*DPDT Switch Style (6 Poles)
*Double Pole, Double Throw Style
*3 Soldering Tabs/Lugs
*Long Shaft Style Body Mount
*Split Shaft 18 Spline Style
*Brass Bushing
*Smooth Operation ~ Gradual Gain/Loss (depending on style selected)
*Tolerance: +/- 10%
*Extra Nut Included for Height Adjustment

~~Approximate Measurements~~
*Shaft Length: 22mm
*Pot Diameter: 16.5mm
*Overall Pot Height: 45mm
*Threaded Bushing Height: 18mm
*Required Hole Diameter: 10mm
*Mounting Nut Diameter: 10mm (inner) & 13mm (outer)
*Mounting Nut Depth: 2mm
*Washer Diameter: 10mm (inner) & 17mm (outer)
*Cavity Depth Required: 28mm

~~What’s Included~~
*1 Control Pot
*1 Standard Flat Washer
*1 Hex Mounting Nut
*1 Bonus Hex Mounting Nut for Height Adjustment

~~Purchase Notes~~
Please ask any questions about this item prior to purchase.

Buyers assume all risk of use; sales are only offered to those competent to safely and lawfully purchase and use items.

Instructions for installation are NOT INCLUDED or provided. Due to the vast and varied nature of possible set-ups, we do not provide specific information or diagrams for installation. Depending on your current or desired set-up, installation may require extra care, accuracy, or advanced skill. You should be able to use knowledge of wiring and/or your own diagram/instructions to install. Installation requires soldering. Installation is best with moderate heat only (don’t have your iron too hot). Pay attention during install to avoid damage. Components are sensitive; excessive or prolonged heat can cause irreparable damage.

Due to the machining process, natural variation and imperfection may be expected in the finish of this item. Inspect your order upon receipt; we pledge to address any issues PRIOR to installation.

  • Style: Push Push Control Pot, Mini Pot, DPDT
  • Color: Brass Bushing
  • Fit: Small Dime Sized Pot, Long Shaft, Body Mount
  • Featuring: Choice of 25K, 250K or 500K ohm Style Options
  • Type: Choice of Audio “A” Pot or Linear “B” Pot Style Options
  • Attribute: Split Shaft Style Pot, Double Pole, Double Throw Style (6 Lugs & 3 Tabs)
  • Item #: 24040

PUSH-PUSH Control Pot ~ Small/Long DPDT ~ A/B & OHM Choices

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